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Employee engagement
using Motivational Mapping

“Making the invisible, visible…..equipping you to manage yourself  and others more effectively.”

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Ever wondered what truly drives individuals and organisations to greatness? Brace yourself for an enlightening revelation: Motivational Mapping, a powerful tool, holds the key to unravelling the mysteries of motivation

"Motivational Mapping is a tool used to help individuals and organisations understand what motivates people and to use this information to enhance performance, engagement, communication, development, recruitment and well-being."


It is a personal inventory tool that uses an online questionnaire to identify an individual's motivational profile based on three core motivational needs:


  1. Achievement: the need to accomplish challenging goals and receive recognition for one's efforts.

  2. Relationship: the need for positive and supportive interactions with others.

  3. Growth: creativity, freedom and meaning.

The questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of a series of statements that the individual rates on a scale of importance, which helps to identify their unique motivational profile.


Based on this profile, individuals can gain insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development, as well as the types of roles and environments that are likely to be most motivating for them.

The feedback session 

Motivation is the fuel that propels us towards our dreams and aspirations, and understanding our unique motivational drivers is the first step towards achieving success and fulfilment.


The feedback session takes you through the results of your online questionnaire. This 45-minute session is designed to provide deep insights into your motivations and empower you to live and work in a more productive and happy way.


You'll receive a complimentary 15-page report explaining in detail, your results.

During this session, you will:

  • Discover exactly how motivated you are at this moment in time

  • Discover your core motivational drivers and which are being met and which aren't

  • Understand what you need in your life to be happy and successful

  • Learn how to communicate better with others that may have different motivators

  • Learn practical strategies to maintain peak motivation and achieve sustainable success.

  • Receive personalised feedback and actionable insights from me

Boosting engagement & aligning goals 

​Motivational Mapping can be used in a variety of settings, including personal development, team-building, management and leadership development, and organisational change.


It can help individuals and teams to understand how to align their goals and motivations with those of the organisation and identify strategies for improving engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction.

For individuals:

  • Completing a Motivational Map helps you understand yourself better

  • It helps you see the changes needed for personal growth and for working with or managing others better

For managers:

  • It supports Management development

  • It gives managers a unique tool for driving performance

  • It can reduce employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction

  • It is an excellent addition to the interview process giving hidden insights into interviewees

Motivational Mapping delivers:

  • Personal growth

  • Alignment to personal values

  • High performing managers

  • High performing teams

  • Increased motivation

Book a discovery session

Book a complementary discovery call today, to learn more about motivational mapping.

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