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Personal Elevator Programme

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for" 


Notebook and Pen

The Personal Elevator Training Programme offers a comprehensive approach to self-improvement. Lynn meticulously shaped the training, blending business coaching with therapeutic elements to help aid personal growth and transformation.

“For me the programme has been the springboard to being the person I always wanted to be and living the life I wanted to live. Totally transformational and despite having several Life and Business Coaches over the years this was the best money I have ever spent.”

Martin M. 2022

Lynn, deeply intrigued by motivation, noticed disparities in drive among individuals. Through the Motivational Mapping tool, she grasped individual motivation. Her encounter with Timeline Therapy became a transformative milestone, amplifying her impact.

This transformative experience targets the obstacles that impede your progress. By the conclusion of the Personal Elevator Programme, you will have gained the readiness to forge ahead, unencumbered by the weight of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and internal conflicts that have hindered your rightful achievement of success or impeded your pursuit of happiness.

The programme


The Personal Elevator Programme  was signed for those ready to bridge the gap between aspirations and reality, and find their unique path to genuine happiness Find out more below about what the plan encompasses.

Life Inventory & Mindset Evaluation

We'll delve into a comprehensive assessment of your life's journey and current mindset, forming the cornerstone for purposeful retirement.

Processing Emotions & Limiting Beliefs

Together, we'll navigate through any unwelcome emotions, internal conflicts, and beliefs that might be hindering you.

Movtivational Mapping

Delve deeper into self-understanding with motivational mapping, a tool designed to align your aspirations and goals.

Understanding Your Values

Gain insight into your core values and motivations, paving the way for future growth and development.

Clarity of Vision

Forge a clear and compelling vision for your upcoming years, setting the stage for a fulfilling future.

Personal Plan

We’ll create a personal plan to deliver your vision and future success and happiness.

The format

8 x 2 hr  1:1 sessions f2f or via Zoom (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

Two f2f Timeline therapy sessions

Completion of a Motivational Map

Complimentary Personal Elevator Programme session


Are you ready to step out of the shadows and bask in the radiant sunlight of personal growth and fulfilment?


We are excited to invite you to book a complimentary Personal Elevantor Plan session.

During this 45-minute interactive session, you will:

  • Gain Clarity on the PEP and how it can address challenges that you have

  • Discuss how the programme can deliver solutions

  • Uncover the concerns that are  holding you back and ignite the process of positive transformation and limitless potential

  • Have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have without any pressure to commit.

Book your complimentary session

Unlock your true potential with the Personal Elevator Training Programme

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