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Working  with a coach is exciting and challenging all at the same time. By uncovering new potential & possibility & creating clear goals & vision, it takes away the fog & gives you the road map to success & happiness. 


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.“If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time” anon



Therapeutic coaching supports a culture in which employees feel valued, leading to increased productivity, reduced ill health and improved staff retention.

meet Lynn.........

I was gifted empathy & never ending curiosity
combine that with experience and learning and that is what makes me the Coach I am


Life has been good....I have been fortunate enough to experience working in a family business , SME's and Corporate & that invaluable experience has been the most fantastic grounding for the work I do today. Better than any course I could have attended, the experience of working in those environments and seeing the plethora of different challenges, informs the way I work.  

When working with individuals I offer psychotherapeutic coaching approach  by utilizing a buffet of coaching tools including Motivational mapping, Fusion Therapeutic Coaching & NLP.  Looking at  the past and the present informs us what is needed in the Road Map to deliver a future that you want & deserve. Understanding motivation and mindset is the platform for personal development which delivers growth, success and fulfillment. 

Working with management  teams to create a Leadership culture based on Trust & great Communication creates 'monumental change' leading to greater success, employee wellbeing and retention. 

I work with clients up are 'up for' the exciting journey we will go on. Those who are willing to do what is needed and even if they feel they can't right now, they try anyway.


Throughout that journey we have to have fun, life is too short not to. 


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"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the most adaptable to change."


Charles Darwin

what our clients say..........

Lynn has been our in house counsellor and mental wellbeing support for employees, managers and the leadership team for over two years.  Lynn  understands our business and its people. We retained our people and Lynn is a real asset with her ability to think strategically, combined with her experience of people issues  brought a fresh set of eyes and ideas to the business. 

Anyone whom has challenges with people management needs to give Lynn a call.


At this time when everyone is under such a huge amount of stress/pressure, it is vital to have that pressure release valve “mentally” that Lynn brings to the business.

Mark Woodward, MD, Printed Cup Co.

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