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Services offered include leadership and employee engagement coaching, utilising motivational mapping. Additionally, coaching tailored to personal development and navigating the non-financial aspects of retirement and redundancy transitions.

What we do

Personal Elevator Coaching Programme

PEP is a personalised growth programme for individuals looking to develop personally and professionally.

Employee Engagement using Motivational Mapping

Motivational Mapping assists individuals and organisations in leveraging motivation insights to boost performance, engagement, communication, development, recruitment, and well-being.

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Retirement Redesigned programme

Retirement Redesigned programme is a non-financial coaching programme for executives and senior managers, to help them overcome the challenges of retirement or redundancy.

Meet Lynn

About Lynn

I was gifted empathy & never ending curiosity combine that with experience and learning and that is what makes me the coach I am

I am qualified as a Therapeutic Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, a Timeline Therapist and a Motivational Map Expert.


I am one of less than +70 people worldwide with that combination of skills. The combined number of my clients overall is +250 people worldwide. 


"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the most adaptable to change."

Charles Darwin


What our clients say..

Lynn has been our in house counsellor and mental wellbeing support for employees, managers and the leadership team for over two years.  Lynn  understands our business and its people. We retained our people and Lynn is a real asset with her ability to think strategically, combined with her experience of people issues  brought a fresh set of eyes and ideas to the business. 

Anyone whom has challenges with people management needs to give Lynn a call.


At this time when everyone is under such a huge amount of stress/pressure, it is vital to have that pressure release valve “mentally” that Lynn brings to the business.

Mark Woodward, MD, Printed Cup Co.

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